Magic Man – “Worst Comes To Worst”

Magic Man, one half of Nutty 2 dropped this freestyle over “Worst Comes To Worst” instrumental by Dilated Peoples. Dope cut, check it out below:

@MC_Magic_Man – Worst Comes To Worst (Download) via Naijareview

NEW MUZIK: Nutty 2 – “The Breakout” EP

The Breakout is an EP by Nigerian Hip-Hop duo, Nutty 2. The EP is produced by Nutty 2(Hip-Hop MP), mixed & mastered by Nutty 2(Magic Man). Check it out below, and please drop your comment(s). . .

1. Intro (ft. Rap Divine) DOWNLOAD
2. People Of The World (ft. Skit). DOWNLOAD
3. I No Fit Shout. DOWNLOAD
4. If I Say… (Ft. Nixxy). DOWNLOAD
5. Enemy Of Mankind (ft. Skit) DOWNLOAD
6. Children DOWNLOAD
7. Kill The Noise DOWNLOAD

DOWNLOAD: Nutty 2 – The Breakout EP

New Muzik: RebEL ft. Nutty 2 – “Disappear”

“Disappear” is an official single by American hip hop artiste RebEL, and he features Nigerian hip hop duo Nutty 2. RebEL is a rapper/singer from Lowell, Massachusetts, United States. He’s been doing his thing for a while and he’s not ready to stop until he’s around the world (as said in the song). Peep the song below and please drop a comment(s).

DOWNLOAD: RebEL feat. Nutty 2 – Disappear

NEW MUZIK: Nutty 2 ft. Skit – “Enemy Of Mankind”

After the successful release of the group’s first single titled “Kill The Noise” off their forthcoming EP “The Breakout”, the Hip-Hop duo, Nutty 2, decided to drop another single for their listeners which they titled “Enemy Of Mankind” featuring Skit. Great song – i must say. Skit brought an hammer to the hook, and Nutty 2 totally nailed it with their dope rap verses.
Check it out below and please drop a comment(s).

DOWNLOAD: Nutty 2 – Enemy Of Mankind[ft. Skit]


The meaning of the term “Freestyle Rap” has been a mystery to a lot of people, so I decided to write an article on it and explain what I know it really is. Please feel free to correct me if I go wrong. Here we go. . .

The first thing you need to know is that we have two definitions of “Freestyle Rap”, the Old Skool definition and the Present definition.


Originally, the term “Freestyle Rap” is defined as a written rap verse that has no particular subject matter. Whereby you write about random issues, no particular topic.
In the ’80s, no one really did what we refer today as “Off The Top Of The Head” rhyming, all freestyles were pre-written. Battle rap was an essential form of rapping in the ’80s, so MCs at the time would write their freestyles in case they have to battle.


Right from the early ’90s, the term “Freestyle Rap” faced a change, and it became an improvised pattern of rhyming over a beat or none, that’s done without a pre-written rap verse. Mainly to show how spontaneous an MC can be. In other words; Freestyle Rap is the art of rhyming off the top of the head.
In a Freestyle Battle or Cypher, pre-written rap verses aren’t allowed ’cause they’re not really considered as freestyles. Rappers applied this pattern of rhyming to their stage performances, whereby they would rap with things around them or ask the crowd to raise items or give ’em words to freestyle with. MC Supernatural & KRS-One are well known for doing that, it’s even one of Supernatural’s major routines.
Freestyle battles played a big role in the success of most rappers, MCs like; Jin, Iron Solomon, Juice, Supernatural etc. . . Would testify to that. Off the top freestyling is always crowd-pleasing, so entertaining, that’s why the world embraced it.

Ok, that’s all I have to say. Click HERE to read “Ten Tips On How To Freestyle”.


Whenever I’m lost in this world, and have no where to turn to.

I never lose hope, ’cause I know you’re the one I can run to.

There was a time in my life that I thought it was over.

Looking for where to lean, and then you gave me your shoulder.

When I thought life was unfair to me, and felt very low.

You held my hands and said: “my son you’re a hero”.

The world is never too dark ’cause I know you’re my light.

Sometimes I wish I could go against the heavenly laws, and just make you my wife.

But damn…. I love you so much mama.

Regardless of the fights & the whole family drama.

You stood strong. Always been there for your sons.

I hope you live long to educate my wife to become.

I owe you a lot and I must pay all my debts.

In this life-time, or maybe the next.

‘Cause in the next life-time you will still be my mother.

So before I drop this pen, let’s embrace each other.

I Love You !

NEW MUZIK: Nutty 2 – “Kill The Noise”

Here is a fresh one from the Nigerian rap group, Nutty 2, titled: “Kill The Noise” off their forthcoming E.P “The Breakout”. This song is a classic, and its one record you don’t wanna sleep on, believe me. Download below and pls leave your comments.

DOWNLOAD: Nutty 2 – Kill The Noise


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